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I am a bona-fide television nut! I often make it my weekend mission to clear out as much space on my DVR as possible, which is difficult, as we tape SO many shows and movies!

My husband is hogging all kinds of precious DVR space with every single episode, 200+, of King of the Hill! I love the show too, but I think I’m going to start surprising him with digital copies so we can reclaim the massive chunk of data required to keep EVERY episode!

Anyhow, here I’m featuring a bunch of my favorite shows, as well as a few I just don’t like, although I WISH I did!

The Season Premiere I’m Dying for

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX)

My husband and I have been obsessing over It’s Always Sunny on Hulu in preparation for the 12th season premiere on January 4, which is today! YAY!

If you adore crazy, politically incorrect, crude comedy, I very highly recommend that you watch this show ASAP! It’s seriously the most hilarious show I’ve ever seen – I have SO many favorite episodes; it’s impossible to list them all here!

From the gross McPoyle siblings to Frank and Charlie’s odd relationship, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia hits the mark every time.


Ladies of London (Bravo)

Caroline Stanbury, pictured in the top left of the above photo collection, is my most favorite lady of London. Featuring Brits and American expatriates alike, this show always offers laughs, tears, and cat fights!

I do think it’s funny that there are two ladies named Caroline on the show as well as a Julie and a Juliet!

The Real Housewives (Bravo)

I am a HUGE fan of each installment of The Real Housewives franchise, with Atlanta and New Jersey as my favorites. New York City, the OC, and Beverly Hills round out the rest of the cities showcasing wealthy, successful women.

A cast from Dallas was also featured last year, but I haven’t heard any rumblings of it returning. There were also now defunct installments in Washington, D.C. and Potomac, Maryland, which were boring as hell and both were canceled after single seasons.

The Real Housewives of Miami lasted two or three seasons and I kind of miss it! I love the Melbourne, Australia-based housewives as well!

True Life (MTV)

I am thrilled that True Life has been revived by MTV! So far I’ve seen two of this season’s episodes, one in which people travel to South America and Mexico in order to use Ayahuasca, a medicinal herb meant to rid users of anxiety and other ailments.

I also saw the episode that follows a young man and woman, whose father and mother, respectively, are choosing to live as the opposite gender. This episode pulled at my heartstrings, as the father who is in transition has been ostracized by two of his three sons.

I love just how REAL this show is!

Dr. Phil (ABC and OWN)

I can’t get enough of Dr. Phil! I make my husband watch it with me and we know all of Dr. Phil’s overused words and phrases by heart!

“We’re going to get real here…right after the break.”

“I’m going to start putting verbs in my sentences…right after the break.” (Don’t all sentences have to have a subject AND a verb?)

“I’m just an old Southern boy.”

I’m so obsessed with this talk show that I even tape the ten-year-old reruns on OWN in addition to the new episodes!

It’s hard to believe Dr. Phil is in season 15! I’ve watched him and listened to his advice ever since he would appear on Oprah every Tuesday back in the day.

Teen Mom 2 (MTV)

OK, who else thinks Janelle’s newish boyfriend, David, is a creep? I had a flashback to an episode from last season in which Janelle and David attempt to go fishing with her sons.

I was flabbergasted when David called Janelle’s baby, Kaiser, a ‘crying little bitch’ because Kaiser screams until he gets what he wants – hello, moron, he’s a freaking BABY!

At least Chelsea has it pretty much together and Kailyn is at least smart (I’m not a Javi fan though, but I think, and hope, he and Kailyn are divorcing). Poor Leah has a hard time, but seems to do the best she can while juggling her personal issues.

I feel like I’ve basically watched the teenage mothers, now women, from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 grow up, as I have their offspring. I’ve followed the stars’ lives since the apparently now defunct 16 and Pregnant.

I love that this duo of shows doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy – it shows the hard reality of struggle, deadbeat dads, and growing up too fast, all of which are not glamorous.

The New Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Hasta la vista, Baby!

I am so stoked to see this new season! As of the time of my writing this post, The New Celebrity Apprentice, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the boss, is waiting for me on my DVR.

I’m so excited about this season’s cast, which includes Snooki, Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the hysterical Jon Lovitz!

The group of competitors this season is so eclectic – I can’t wait to see the drama go down!

Intervention (A&E)

This show blows my mind, but at the same time, I can understand how the addicts featured in Intervention end up so low and dependent on illicit substances.

The feeling of loss of hope must be incredible for those who have basically hit rock bottom. It is nice to see success stories and updates of past guests who have experienced interventions.

It’s also heartbreaking to see people on the show who leave rehab and relapse or don’t leave to make attempts to get better at all.

Still, Intervention is very eye-opening and I learn so much through listening to the stories of those who have struggled with things I couldn’t imagine.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (A&E)

I have been glued to Remini’s documentary series chronicling her 35 years as a member of the Church of Scientology before publicly having an ugly separation with the church.

Remini interviews former members of the church, who speak of its abuses, including preying on members’ finances. I was astonished to learn that those who have the audacity to ‘escape’ Scientology are excommunicated from the church and forbidden from interacting with even family that may still be active Scientologists.

It’s just unreal…I have Remini’s memoir regarding the subject, Troublemaker, on my Kindle. After becoming so engrossed in the documentary, I’m bumping this book way up my TBR list.

Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Abby Lee Miller, owner of the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company), never ceases to entertain me. She is hilarious, totally unpredictable, and utterly passionate about her role as an elite dance instructor.

However, it really is too bad how the young dancers’ mothers behave – they constantly embarrass their children and undermine Abby. It’s ridiculous how much the poor stars of the show – the dancers – are reduced to tears by the behaviors of their mothers.

While a running theme with the mothers on the show is that Abby doesn’t care about her dancers, Abby proves them wrong, at least in her solo interviews, by praising the girls and their amazing talents.

It irks me that the moms don’t seem to understand that Abby is tough on the girls in order to prepare them for the real, competitive, and harsh world of professional dancing.

Alas, I just can’t tear my eyes away! 😀

Game Shows

The Wall

Reminiscent of The Price is Right classic game, Plinko, The Wall is incredibly entertaining and nerve wracking.

The concept is pretty simple – answer trivia questions in order to drop green balls to win up to one million dollars for every correct answer. If an answer is incorrect, the balls turn red, signifying that the dollar amount landed on will be deducted from the contestants’ total.

This show makes me sentimental for such game shows as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Deal or No Deal and the entire Game Show Network!


I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever tire of this classic game show. I feel so dang smart anytime I get an answer correct, especially if I hypothetically go ‘all in’ during a Daily Double!

Jeopardy! also conjures up fond memories of my beloved Grandmother and I watching it while answering questions and keeping our personal scores. I was always so proud the few times I defeated Grandmother! 😀

My Soaps

The Young and the Restless (CBS)

I remember watching Y&R with my mom as a child and asking her a hundred questions about the characters and wild plots.

One of my first memories of an early episode is that of a villain named David getting pushed into a trash compactor and being mashed. The best part was the camera shot of the bad guy’s severed arm protruding from a bale of garbage!

Even my husband’s grandparents religiously watched this long-running soap and even took the phone off the hook, forbidding anyone to call during the duration of the show each day!

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

While I generally have to suspend disbelief when watching B&B, it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I especially love that it’s only a 30-minute soap!

Tidbit of truth: B&B is one of the most watched shows internationally, which is so cool!

Following the fashion designing Forrester family and its members’ rivals, the drama never stops!

It’s really neat that B&B now prominently features a transgender character, Maya, who is married into the Forrester family and even had a baby via surrogate. One word – groundbreaking.


Rock of Love (Hulu)

I watched Rock of Love, featuring Poison front man Bret Michaels as the bachelor picking from the cream of the crop, years ago and recently discovered it again on Hulu.

I had completely forgotten about this show until I just happened across it. The show consists of three seasons, telling those who haven’t watched it before that Bret’s first two relationships as results of the first two seasons didn’t stick.

Daisy of Love, with a reject from Rock of Love as the bachelorette, and Charm School are both Rock of Love spinoffs and I can’t wait to revisit them too!

The Office (Netflix)

We adore The Office (US)! Michael Scott, the boss of the Scranton branch of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, is unbelievably moronic, socially awkward (even though he doesn’t realize it), and funny as crap!

It’s really tough to pick a favorite character, as I love them all, but everything Dwight Schrute says and does keeps me in stitches!

I’d like to try the original, UK version of The Office; I hear it’s even funnier than the American adaptation!

Westworld (HBO)

I have yet to start Westworld, but I have all ten episodes from the debut season sitting pretty on my DVR. I need to wait and watch it when I can really pay attention, otherwise I probably won’t be able to follow what sounds like a complicated, yet intriguing, plot.

Girls, Season 6 (HBOGo)

I love Girls and have watched it since the very beginning. It makes me so sad that season seven will be the last, but I’m confident that the show will end neatly!

I love the free and confident Hannah and Jessa as well as the neurotic Marnie and goofy but brilliantly sweet Shoshanna, lovingly known as Shosh by her girlfriends.

For some reason, I missed season six when it first aired; therefore, I’m catching up with the wondrous HBOGo!

Dexter, Season 4 (Netflix)

By far my most favorite season of Dexter ever, number four features the fantastic Jon Lithgow as the Trinity Killer, whom Dexter hunts over the course of the season.

I had never before seen Lithgow in a creepy, let alone a serial killer role, and let me tell you – he’s GOOD at playing an evil psychotic.

(Im)Patiently Waiting

Archer, Season 7 (Hulu)

I love Archer so much! I ended up missing season seven when it first aired and I’m about to explode for it to be released on Hulu! All six previous seasons are there, but I’ve seen them!

I personally don’t understand why some shows aren’t released on streaming services until the start of the newest season. I want to play catch up and binge Archer now!

Better Call Saul, Season 2 (Netflix)

I saw the first handful of episodes of Better Call Saul’s second season and, like with Westworld, this is a show I need to watch when I can give it my full attention.

The plot is so intricate and so much stuff seems to happen every episode. A prequel to the amazing Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul quite naturally follows the life and career of Saul Goodman, who was the underground lawyer on Breaking Bad.

Season three will be arriving soon and as with Archer, I want to play catch up and watch Better Call Saul NOW.

Shows I Can’t Get Into (but Wish I Could)

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

I dutifully watched each episode of the first season of HTGAWM and was utterly confused the entire time.

I kept waiting for the show to get better, to make sense, to be easier for me to follow. Unfortunately, none of these things happened.

At the start of season two, I was still lost and it began to feel like a chore to watch HTGAWM, which is zero fun.

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

I tried so hard to like Gilmore Girls! I kept watching the debut episode over and over, hoping it would eventually grab my attention.

I really wanted to love this show – I hear Rory is a serious bookworm! Oh, well, I guess the Gilmore Girls and I just aren’t meant for each other.

Gotham (Fox)

As with HTGAWM, Gotham’s first season left me wondering what in the hell was going on. I decided against watching season two when it first aired, but gave the first season another shot when I found it on Netflix.

Sadly, even during a re-watch, I still had no clue about what the plot was and where it was going.

I really wanted to like Gotham, especially when I heard the titles of the second and third seasons, Rise of the Villains, and Arkham Asylum, respectively.

I may give it another shot – I can always skip season one and see if I can get sucked into the next two seasons.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

I love fairy tales and was incredibly excited when OUAT premiered a few years ago. I started watching it that first season and I’ve tried binging the seasons I missed, but I just can’t get excited about it anymore.

As I got deeper into the show, I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the identities of the characters, especially of which fairy tale characters everyone was supposed to be.

The only characters I could easily keep up with were Rumpelstiltskin and the evil queen. Can someone tell me how Snow White is the mother of the female protagonist (I’m totally blanking on her name; she’s the police chief) and who exactly she’s supposed to be?

I do like to keep up with what’s happening when I can by perusing episode summaries, but I don’t think I’ll try watching again.

The Walking Dead (FX)

I hung with the zombies as long as I could handle it. I loved the guts and gore featured prominently in each episode of The Walking Dead, but a once strong story began to fall flat for me when Rick and company took shelter in that prison FOREVER.

I did end up streaming the season in which the survivors end up in a community populated by what they soon discover to be cannibals. I was glad I tried again to watch The Walking Dead, but I loss interest fast the following season and haven’t looked back.

I do want to read the graphic novels though! 😀

What are you watching?


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