Bookish Questions

This was begun by whispersofthesilentwind over on Tumblr! I might use and expand on some of these questions for my Get to Know The Blogger sequence!

  1. What/who got you into reading? My mom
  2. Your first favorite book? I can’t remember that far back, BUT the first three books I remember loving as a kid are Eloise, Madeline, andPrincess Penelope and the Purple Peanut.
  3. Your current favorite book? I love them all like a mother loves her children. Are you really gonna make me choose?!
  4. Favorite book of all time? See answer to #3
  5. Least favorite book of all time? The Old Man and the Sea
  6. What book/s can you not live with out? So many. So. So. Many.
  7. What book/s that you rave about? Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Wrath and the Dawn, Magonia, Throne of Glass, Everything, Everything, and so many more….
  8. An author/s that you dislike/hate? None
  9. An author/s you like/love? Laini Taylor, Sarah J. Maas, Nicola Yoon, Renee Ahdieh, Maria Dahvana Headley, Cassandra Clare…How much time do I have to list these???
  10. What popular book do you just hate? I don’t hate them, but I’m not a huge fan of Paper Town, the Darkest Minds, or Jennifer L. Armentrout (I knowwwww, please don’t hate me), BUT! I’m always open to that changing, so I’m willing to try again 🙂
  11. How many books to you read in a month? 5-7
  12. How many books to you read in a year? At least 80
  13. What do you do to get through a reading slump? Just keep reading and marathoning a good show on Netflix or Hulu
  14. How many reading slumps do you get a year? Depends on my mood, but definitely not many
  15. Favorite genre? It changes depending on my mood, but lately I’ve been really into fantasy!
  16. Least favorite genre? Non fiction
  17. How many bookshelf/bookshelves do you own? 7
  18. How many books do you own? Oh, god. Too many to count.
  19. Biggest book haul? Like…four books?
  20. How many books do you get/buy in a year? I use Scribd, so I don’t tend to physically buy more than 10 books per year (but I want to get more, especially since I’ve discovered Book Outlet!)
  21. Goodreads challenge/reading goal for this year? 100 books! Woot, woot, let’s go!!!
  22. Favorite series? Is “all of them” an acceptable answer?
  23. Least favorite series? “none of the above”
  24. Longest series you own? Harry Potter
  25. Pick the 23 book on your bookshelf, open it to the 86 page and find the 13th line. Type it out for us.“’Because Thomas was a pirate?’ Barrie eyed him warily.”–Compulsion, Martina Boone
  26. Favorite quote? “You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”–All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven
  27. Favorite character/s? Celaena Sardothien, Karou, Clary Fray, Tris…This list could be never ending
  28. Least favorite character/s? None
  29. How many books have you read so far this year? 64
  30. How many books have you read so far this month? 8!
  31. Do you read ‘classics’? Yes
  32. Do you read Fanfiction? Not yet, but I’’m open to it…
  33. Do you read smut? I haven’t read any yet, but I’m not opposed to it…
  34. Do you read LGBTQ books? Yes
  35. Do you read Poetry? Yes
  36. Do you like Poetry? Yes
  37. Any other readers in your family? OMG Yes, lol!
  38. Are any of your friends readers? Yes!
  39. Does your family support your reading habits? Absolutely!
  40. Favorite book turned movie? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  41. Least favorite book turned movie? Eragon
  42. OTP? N/A
  43. Do you like ebooks? They’re not my favorite, but a book is a book!
  44. Do you use ebooks? Yes
  45. Paperback or Hardback? Hardback, but honestly it really doesn’t matter
  46. Do you use a library? Yes
  47. Do you want to be an Author or are you content to just be a reader? I’d *love* to be an author!
  48. Do you have any books already written by you? No
  49. Do you want to be a Poet? I’d love to be one
  50. Book/s that made you cry? None. (I know, I’m heartless!)
  51. Book/s that made you scared? None
  52. What book character does your mother remind you of? Maura Sargent from The Raven Cycle
  53. What book character does your father remind you of? I don’t know. Dads don’t tend to appear a lot in the books I’ve read, and if they do, they don’t tend to be as super awesome as my dad…I’ll have to think about it…
  54. What book character does your significant other remind you of? Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments
  55. Won any writing competitions? No
  56. Won any poetry competitions? Nope
  57. A book/writing related job that you would love to do? Cover design!!!
  58. Do you have plenty of bookish items around your house? No. I need more, always more! Hahaha!
  59. Do you want more books? Duh! Do birds want to fly? Do fish want to swim?? Do humans need oxygen to survive???
  60. Do you consider yourself a fast reader? No, but I’m not slow, I’m kinda just in the middle…
  61. Do you consider yourself a slow reader? See answer to #60
  62. Do you have book buying bans for yourself? No, but I don’t tend to go crazy buying books (I use Scribd, which is a godsend!)
  63. Do you gift your friends and family with bookish items/books? Of course!
  64. What else do you get besides books at a bookstore? A hot beverage if there’s a cafe!
  65. Do you use bookmarks a lot? Yes, but I will literally use almost anything as a bookmark…


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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

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