Tag Time! The Wine Book Tag

So I was tagged by Nick over at The Paper Dragon to do this tag (thanks, Nick!) and it looked super fun, so I figured I’d do it! Let’s get to it!

10507293Box Wine – a book that people will judge you for liking but you like it anyway!

I know people find the main character really annoying (although I didn’t) but I really enjoyed the original Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. It always gets knocked and I think it’s because reading it kinda feels like watching reality TV, but it’s just kinda pure fun and if you’re not looking for more, it’s good at doing its job in that way.


Organic Wine – a book that doesn’t have any added crap in it and is just written perfectly.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi–but just Shatter Me. To me, Shatter Me was written in a very bare bones, minimalist style. The setting is very bare and doesn’t change much, the writing is very simple and to be honest so is the plot. The characters aren’t overly complex. Nothing unnecessary is added in, the story stands on its own.

25111004Gluehwein – a really spicy, wintry read.

I think November 9 by Colleen Hoover is a good one. Romances sometimes make me think of winter, and this is a good sweet but spicy one, ya know?



0Sauvignon Blanc – a really sharp and aggressive read that you couldn’t put down!

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. This read was…intense. It’s the kind of read that starts out intense and just builds and builds until it reaches a climax. It was so good, though, don’t let that quiet intensity scare you away!

fangirl-rainbow-rowell-cover-677x1024Pinot Noir – a book you didn’t expect much from but ended up getting blown away!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because I didn’t really like contemporaries at the time. I actually wasn’t, like, majorly blown away by Fangirl when I first read it, but as I got further and further away from having read it, it got better with memory until it just kind of struck me how good it was. I think this is because I read more contemporary and realized just how good Fangirl is.

15749186Chardonnay – a good summer read that was super-zesty?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This was just a super cute read, but it also had spunk and personality and zest! Lara-Jean is such a funny, quirky character that just jumps right off the page and so are all of the supporting characters as well!


0Rose – a book that has a little bit of everything in it.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This book had so much going on in it, it had everything but the kitchen sink and zombies too! But it was sooo good and the authors made it work together so well! It was definitely an interesting and enjoyable read!



0sharpShiraz – A full-bodied book that is dark and juicy

Maybe it’s just that “Shiraz” reminds me of “Sharzad,” but The Wrath and the Dawn y Renee Ahdieh. Something about that book feel so…rich and deep. Plus the setting reminds me of the colors dark red and gold, idk why, maybe because that’s what’s on the cover. Anyhoo…


17453983Merlot – a smooth easy read with a soft finish.

I think any book in the Anna-Lola-Isla companion trilogy by Stephannie Perkins. All of the books are just so sweet and they have soft(?) endings. They end very sweetly. Wow. I’ve used the adjective “sweet” a lot for this question BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! The whole shebang is just so…sweet.




Champagne – Your Favourite Book

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas because obviously…


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