The 100 | 3×07 “Thirteen” [MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!!]

I have no words. I’m speechless.

Jason Rotenberg, what have you done.

I just… I…I…I…



Tonight we got many revelations. We got an origin story and the beginning of a whole new story.

Things we now know:

  • ALIE started the nuclear apocalypse
  • Polaris was the 13th station and contained a research facility for ALIE’s creator, Becca.
  • When Polaris’s commander learned about Becca’s work and how it was essentially her “project” behind the nuclear apocalypse, he aimed to shut it down.
  • Desperate, Becca reworked ALIE’s program, creating a second “more empathetic” biological AI.
  • The commander still wanted to shut Becca down, so she locked herself in her research facility.
  • Becca told the commander that if he joined the other space station, the new AI would connect to all the systems. Due to this, the commander refused to join with the other space stations, leading to the destruction of Polaris, the 13th station.
  • Before Polaris was destroyed, Becca implanted her new AI into herself and escaped with some of her equipment, including vials of her blood–black blood.
  • Becca landed safely on the ground, right where Polis, the Grounder capital would be established.
  • Meanwhile in “present time”…
  • Titus is still scheming, which comes to a head when he tries to kill Clarke and accidentally shoots Lexa in the process.
  • After Lexa’s death, we see that she had been implanted…with Becca’s “new,” biological AI!
  • We learn that all commanders are implanted with this AI, which Grounders believe is the collective “soul” of bygone commanders,

Questions I have going forward

  • How much does this new AI affect a person’s personality and decision making?
  • Was Lexa in love with Clarke, or was the AI, or both?
  • Will Lexa somehow be “reincarnated”?
  • Wait–the new commander will be a 13-year-old (Aden?)???
  • What happened on the ground after Becca got there?
  • Why did ALIE destroy the earth?
  • What are ALIE’s motives now?
  • What is the injestible chip that “takes you to the City of Light,” how does it work, what is it for, and why is ALIE distributing it?
  • Is it going to be good AI vs. bad AI?

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2 thoughts on “The 100 | 3×07 “Thirteen” [MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!!]

    1. lol, true. i’m sad about lexa, but looking at it storywise and business wise (alycia is signed as a regular on FTWD) they did what they had to. but yeah, it was heartbreaking.

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