Books/Series That Lila Feels Deserve More Appreciation

Sometimes we get into a loop of talking about the same ol’ popular books over and over again. At least, I know do! There are some books/series that I absolutely adore and yet somehow manage not to discuss often. A lot of them just seem to slip through the cracks of my memory, despite my love for them. Anyhoo, I wanted to make a post focusing on books/series I should probably talk about more because they’re honestly pretty darn amazing!

The Ruined Trilogy by Amy Tintera

I recently finished Avenged, the second book in this trilogy, and I feel the intense urge to share how great this series is with the world! This series has almost everything that is required for my love–action, adventure, political intrigue, romance, and much more! This series is pretty plot driven, but the characters have enough heart for you to instantly fall in love with them. Admittedly, the writing itself isn’t the best, but the story just sucks you in and holds you! This is definitely a series worth checking out!

The Valiant by Lesley Livingston


This is a recent release (recent meaning it came out in early spring of this year) that hasn’t been getting too much attention. I’ve only seen a few bloggers and booktubers talking about it. Which is a gosh darned shame, in my opinion, cause The Valiant is A++! In addition to being full of action, adventure, and romance, The Valiant earns bonus points from me for portraying really strong female friendships and for not doing the “Well, the book is set in ancient Rome, ergo it just has to have a 100% white cast” thing. The Valiant was an all around great read worth taking a look at!

The Wolf by Wolf Duology by Ryan Graudin

This duology is an alternate history in which the Axis won World War II and each year they hold a motorcycle race to celebrate. Yael is a “skin shifter” (a person who can shapeshift into other people) who disguises herself as Adele Wolf, the only female to win the motorcycle race. Yael’s mission is to win the race and kill Hitler, but she finds it might be more difficult and dangerous than expected.

This is an incredible duology that y’all are seriously sleeping on! It’s full of action and just a hint of romance and to top it off, Graudin’s lyrical writing is absolutely magical! I honestly don’t know why this series doesn’t get more buzz.

The Thunder Road Trilogy by Katie McGarry

This series is one of my favorite series and that’s saying a lot because I’m a fantasy gal and this is a contemporary trilogy. The Thunder Road trilogy is a lot more gritty and dark than most contemporaries, but it’s still a romance-centric series. It’s a companion trilogy which centers around a small-town motorcycle club. There are so many swoon-worthy romantic moments and there’s also a lot of action. One of my favorite things about this series is how sexually empowered the main female characters are and how respectful the main male characters are. I actually got a chance to ask McGarry about that aspect and she said that it was indeed intentional, which I think is awesome! Even if you’re not a major contemporary fan, I’d say definitely check this series out if you’re looking for a fun time!

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid


The Diabolic was released last November and it got a little bit of buzz that soon died down. But, in my humble opinion, it deserved lasting hype because wow!

The Diabolic is the story of Nemesis, who is what is called a Diabolic–a genetically engineered human who is trained since birth to be loyal to one person only and to protect that person with their life in every way. I’m not explaining it great, but trust me, it’s a really interesting concept. Anyhoo, Nemesis is a Diabolic who is sworn to protect the daughter of a galactic senator. When the murderous, scheming emperor orders the galactic senator’s daughter to the palace, the galactic senator sends Nemesis in his daughter’s place. In a court built on politics, lies, and plotting, Nemesis, who has been trained to be emotionless, is wildly out of her depth.

The Diabolic is full of action, romance, intrigue, and backstabbing. It’s a whirlwind of a ride that you won’t want to miss!

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black


I read The Darkest Part of the Forest a few years ago, so I don’t remember it 100%, but what I do remember is really loving it and needing more! Unfortunately for me, The Darkest Part of the Forest is a standalone–but I believe Holly Black’s upcoming series is a companion to this book! So yay! Anyhoo, this book was awesome as far as I remember! It had partying teens, small towns, fairy mythology, cruel fairies, and a fairy prince locked in a glass case in the middle of a forest! How can you resist such a tale?! Hint: the answer is “YOU CAN’T!”

So that’s all for today’s post! What are some books you think are underrated and deserve more appreciation? Tell me in the comments! Ta ta for now!

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