Lila Recommends Ravendor/Gryffinclaw Reads

I always thought that the tradition four-house choice that Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts presented was kind of…limiting. Why should we choose between being dedicated to bravery, intelligence, kindness, and ambition? I especially felt that I was more that one thing. I was…Divergent

Wait…wrong series…

What I’m trying to say is that I always felt like I fit in more than one house, in my case, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Pottermore confirmed this when the first time I took the sorting quiz I was sorted into Gryffindor and the second time I was sorted into Ravenclaw. So I always felt confused about where my loyalties should lie. Then I heard about hybrid houses.

Hybrid houses are eactly what they sound like–Hogwarts houses for people who fit into more than one house. At last! I had found a place to fit!

While I adore being a “Hybrid Houser” (Woop, woop! Go Gryffinclaw/Ravendor!), there are some downsides. For example, there’s not much merchandise out there celebrating hybrid houses. Another thing I noticed is that, while Hogwarts house themed recommendations abound in the bookish community, there aren’t many hybrid house themed recommendations out there! To quote Full House‘s Stephanie Tanner, “HOW RUDE!”

Anyhoo. I figured, why should hybrid houses be left out of this fun topic? We’re just as valid as the “regular” houses! In fact, some might say we’re even cooler. But that’s a different story. Back to the point! The point is that this, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folk, is a recommendation post for Gryffinclaws/Ravendors like yours truly! Yessir! I went out and did it myself!

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Say what you want, but Kady Grant (one of the two main characters of Illuminae) is totally a Ravendor/Gryffinclaw! She smart and brave and uses her awesome computer skillz to save the universe! Kady is an A++ example of how badass girls in STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym) can be!

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Okay, so this is kind of an obvious choice, as this story is, like, the definition of what Hybrid Housers are. Divergent is the story of Tris, who lives in a society divided into five virtue-based factions: Erudite (intelligence), Dauntless (bravery), Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (peace), and Candor (honesty). In this society teens take a test to determine which faction they have the aptitude to join. But trouble strikes when Tris finds out that she has the aptitude for more than one faction–she is divergent. So you can see how Hybrid Housers might find the story relatable. But what makes this story particularly relatable for Ravendors/Gryffinclaws is that the factions that Tris shows the aptitude for are Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless, showing that she is brave, intelligent, and selfless–kinda like a Ravendor/Gryffinclaw! So this is the perfect read!

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Tessa Gray, Will Herondale, and Jem Carstairss (the main characters of The Infernal Devices) are three more characters who I swear is a Ravendor/Gryffinclaw! Tessa is slightly shy and more than a little bookish, but she becomes a badass hero in her own right throughout The Infernal Devices. Will and Jem start out being very physically capable, brave shadowhunters, but as we get to know them, we see more of their Ravenclaw-ish characteritics. For instance, Jem is a violin prodigy and Will loves reading. This trio demonstrates how a bold exterior can really be a shield over a more intellectual interior.

Batgirl by Various

I feel like Barbara “Babs” Gordon (a.k.a. Batgirl) is just the ultimate Ravendor/Gryffinclaw superhero! If you know anything about Batgirl, you know that there was a time when she was forced to take off her suit. But she didn’t let that stop her–she turned her incredible mind into a weapon, becoming Oracle and working behind the scenes to save lives. In the newest rendition of Batgirl, Babs is a brilliant college student, who uses her mind as much as her superhero tech and abilities to fight baddies. Batgirl shows that brains, as much as brawn, can save the day!

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Saved the best for last! In my humble opinion, Shahrzad (the main character of The Wrath and the Dawn) is, like, the quintessential Ravendor/Gryffinclaw. Shazi shows her bravery through volunteering to marry a king who is notorious for killing his wives the day after he marries them. And I bet right now you’re thinking that that doesn’t sound so smart, so how could Shazi be part Ravenclaw, right? Well, hold your horses! Shazi shows her smarts becaus she concocts a plan for how to not be murdered. Shazi knows that she’s a top notch storyteller, so she plans to tell the king half of a story on one night then stop in the middle so the king will want to know the ending badly enough that he just can’t kill her. Genius, right?! Shazi’s bravery and intelligence manage to save a nation and show why Ravendors/Gryffinclaws rock!

So that’s all for my Ravendor/Gryffinclaw recommendations! What do y’all think? Are any of you Ravendors/Gryffinclaws? If so, what books would you recommend to others?

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

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