What Do You Consider Your “Official TBR”?

Hey there, friends! It’s me, Lila, back again and this time with a discussion post!

I’ve been wondering about TBRs a lot lately. In particular, I’ve been wondering about which books people include on their so-called “official TBR.”

The question floated into my mind a few weeks back when I stumbled upon the following video from Ariel Bissett in my YouTube subscriptions section:

When asking booktubers how many unread books they owned, Ariel received a wide spread of answered from three to seventy-five to two and three hundred unread books! The smallest answers were three, forty, and seventy-five and when Ariel remarked to the girl who had answered “three” that the girl had the smallest owned TBR, the girl abashedly told Ariel that she regularly utilized her library. This made me wonder…Outside of books that readers actually own, what do most readers consider their “official TBR”?

Now, my book collection is largely in the form of digital audiobooks which I own and thus have downloaded. So the number of unread (audio)books that I own is difficult to pin down exactly, but I’d estimate it’s around seventy, seventy-five-ish audiobooks. But I don’t just consider the unread books I own the only books I can put on my “official TBR.” And that’s where it gets tricky, friends.

See, I belong to four county/city libraries, all of which have digital audiobook collections. Those collections pool the digital collections of all of the libraries county-wide. In other words, they’re massive collections. And I have access to four of them. Having belonged to these libraries for years now, I’ve searched through the majority of their digital audio collections and bookmarked most all of the books I want to read—both backlog books and new releases. And I consider those books to be on my “official TBR.”

You may be wondering why. Well, here’s the thing: in these county’s physical libraries, you can take out a book at one town’s library and return it at another town’s library, so long as those libraries are in the same county. And these counties have a lot of libraries (for instance, the county I live in has at least six libraries, if not more). So each library has a kind of rotating collection and you can never be sure how long the books that are currently there will, ya know, actually be there. That being said, you can also request a book at one library that that library doesn’t own but another library owns and that other library will ship it over to the library you’re at (when it’s your turn in the wait list line), but that can take some time. The digital collections, however, are fixed, because they’re an online pool of digital resources and thus the resources there are available county-wide. So you only have to wait in the wait list line and not worry about the library not having your book and/or needing to have it shipped over.

Because of this system, I consider library books to be on my “official TBR,” because I know for sure that I will (eventually) get a chance to read any digital audiobooks the county library system owns.

But that makes me wonder—do most people consider library books to be on their “official TBR”? Or not? Also, on a tangentially related note, do people only consider owned books to be on their “official TBR”? Or do non-owned books that people want to read and are on their wishlist make it on their “official TBR” too?? Friends, now I’m dying to know—what books do you consider to be on your “official TBR”????

0 tell me all about it

  • Do you include library books on your “official TBR”?
  • How about wishlist books—do they go on your “official TBR” too?
  • Or do you only put owned books on your “official TBR”?
  • Basically, what books do you put on your “official TBR”???

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

7 thoughts on “What Do You Consider Your “Official TBR”?

  1. I don’t really have a TBR. There are so many books I want to read and books I want to reread that it would just get ridiculous. My TBR that I refer to when talking about books and such is maybe books I want to get around to in the next month or two. TBRs are such an interesting topic though

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    1. interesting! i used to be the same way but recently i realized i have so many owned audiobooks that i really should get to them lol! now i have an “official tbr,” which consists of all of my owned audiobooks plus digital library audiobooks, and a “general tbr,” which is just all of the books i want to read, ever haha!


  2. I consider only the books I own to be my “official TBR”. My goodreads TBR is ever changing, as I keep adding and removing books. Obviously I want to read those books as well, but I don’t consider them to be my “official TBR” as I can’t read them, since I don’t own them. I’m not using any library at the moment, so I can’t really comment on that. Though, knowing myself, I would only consider books that I take out to be on my “official TBR”. Great post! 🙂

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    1. thanks! that’s so fascinating! i’m similar but i sometimes consider pre-orders to be on my “official tbr.” recently, though, i’ve noticed that tactic gets messy if i cancel the pre-order or if the book’s release date changes. oh well *sigh* anyhoo, it’s always so neat to see how people organize themselves in different ways, especially as someone with severe adhd who has absolutely no organizational instincts haha! thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  3. Oh I definitely consider library books on my tbr… but I kind of have a lot of them on separate overdrive lists. Actually, for me, I find I have so many disorganised lists that considering which ones were on my official tbr might make me panic 😉 So I guess when I say something is on my tbr I always mean it in a casual way, cos I just don’t keep track of it well 😉 Interesting post! Got me thinking 😀

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    1. thanks for dropping in! oh boy, do i feel ya! as someone with severe adhd and a complete lack of any kind of organizational instinct, i frequently find that my lists get out of control lol! which is probably why my different tbr lists got out of hand and i decided to make an “official tbr” for only owned audiobooks plus library audiobooks haha


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