It’s Cliche But I Gotta Say I’m Doing A 1K Q&A!

Hello, dear friends, I am coming to you typically late as ever to bring you my 1000 follower Q&A! I apologize for the delay—I had an urgent family situation that I had to focus on (fortunately my family member is doing well now).

Today I’m celebrating six years of blogging and 1000 followers by answering your questions for me! And before we get started, I want to again thank all of you, my dear friends, for sticking around and joining me on this journey—it truly means the world!

So let’s not dillydally any longer—let’s find out the answers to your questions!

How do you balance blogging with everything else?

Rukky @ Eternity Books


Do you keep a blogging schedule?

Tessi @ Bookrapt

For me, I think the key is that I actually don’t treat blogging like a job or a super serious responsibility. I can be really rebelliously flighty about responsibilities that I feel tied down to, in part because of my ADHD causing me to have this very anxious variety of perfectionism, so the minute something feels like its a ticking time bomb hanging over my head, I’m outta there and avoiding that responsibility like a bat out of hell running from an angry devil, haha. So I very much protect the idea that blogging is a hobby first and a responsibility second. I give myself room to let it go for a bit when life gets too hectic and/or overwhelming and just to come back to it naturally, when I’m ready. I don’t really schedule my posts or have a timetable or an overarching schedule, I just blog when I can because it makes me happy. I know my approach would definitely drive a lot of people absolutely bonkers, but hey, it’s all about what works to make you happy at the end of the day.

What’s your favorite meal/dessert?

Rukky @ Eternity Books

I can’t really choose a favorite meal, but I think for dessert, I’ma go with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I recently told a friend that this was my favorite dessert and they had the audacity to say, “Gross—minty ice cream tastes like toothpaste!” To which I replied, “Well, duh, that’s why toothpaste tastes good!”* 🤣

* This is a joke. Please do not eat toothpaste, it is not particularly edible!

Do you have any other hobbies?

Rukky @ Eternity Books

My lifelong love in terms of hobbies has always been singing. I’ve been singing since I could make noise! I’m classically trained in opera, but my favorite genres to sing are jazz, blues, and soul. I come from a musical family and my dad was a professional musician, so I guess you could say it comes with the territory, but that’s definitely not to say I love music and singing any less.

I also love arts and crafts (I’m currently learning hand embroidery) and I’m a HUGE nerd, so I enjoy learning new skills and about new topics of interest. For the past few years I’ve been s l o w l y learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in hopes of eventually being able to code a website and I’ve found it to be quite a fun hobby. Before the pandemic, I was going to take a few belly dance workshops at a dance studio near me, but that’s put off for now. Basically, I like to try everything that catches my fancy, obsess over it for a while, and move on—but what can I say other than it’s now very clear that I do, in fact, have ADHD lol!

What made you want to start your blog?

Rukky @ Eternity Books

So, I’ll tell y’all a little secret. You know how many book bloggers advise you to never start a book blog just because you want ARCs? Well here’s my secret: I actually started my book blog because of ARCs 😂😂😂 I remember learning about book bloggers getting them and thinking, “Ooooh, well if it gets me free books, I might as well try it—after all, how hard can it be?”

After six years, I can decidedly say to 19 year old Lila, 1) sis, ARCs are not free books and earning them takes a lot of work, which brings me to 2) IT CAN BE REALLY HARD, GIRL, THAT’S HOW HARD IT CAN BE! Lololol!

But, that being said, despite my “less than noble” intentions with starting a book blog, I really fell in love with it along the way. I’m not a very consistent person when it comes to responsibilities, so the fact that I’ve stuck with something that requires a lot of time, effort, energy, and mental coordination for six whole years is really a testament to the fact that I really genuinely enjoy book blogging. I started out with dubious intentions, but I got a great community of friends who can all share in my love of books, so I think it all worked out pretty well for me in the end 😉

Was there ever a time in those six years when you didn’t feel like blogging at all? If so, what helped get through it?

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner

Oh definitely! There have absolutely been times when I’ve been overwhelmed by other parts of my life or when I’ve felt kind of like I was just screaming into a void and I thought to myself, “Ya know, you don’t have to be doing this, no one’s holding a gun to your head saying you can’t just walk away.” But I think at those times I remember how big a part of my life that blogging has become and how many of y’all I’ve come to befriend and to really enjoy talking with and I let that pull me through. And, as I mentioned before, I also allow myself room to take long hiatuses and to not panic over stats during that break period. So I guess what gets me through is allowing myself to rest and be at peace with resting and remembering why I find so much joy in blogging.

What’s your favorite post that you’ve ever written?

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner

My memory of individual blog posts is a bit fuzzy, but I can give you a recent favorite post of mine! A recent post I’ve written that was my favorite was my post about folklore of the African Diaspora that I want to see rewritten. A lot of love went into that post because I was talking about a part of my cultural heritage that has been passed down in my family and is near and dear to my heart.

What was your favorite subject at school and the coolest class you’ve taken so far at university?

Naemi @ A Book Owl’s Corner

I’ve always loved any and every science subject and, although it didn’t start out this way, I’ve also come to really enjoy mathematics. I actually failed math so badly in elementary and middle school that I was nearly held back in fifth grade. But in sixth grade, I took remedial math with a teacher named Mrs. Bonard, who absolutely changed my life in the best way possible. The next year, I was able to move up to the regular math class and then in high school I moved up to the honors and IB HL math classes. I think for me, being able to do advanced math at the level that I now can will always be a really triumphant thing for me because I struggled so much to get here. And the best thing is that along the way I’ve come to really deeply love mathematics to the point that I’m currently majoring in arguably the most math-based science field (physics) and have even considered becoming a mathematician.

So, as for cool college courses, as you can tell, I really enjoy my calculus classes, haha! But I think hands down the coolest course I’ve taken in college was a course called “Theories of Mathematics and the Mind,” which was a course where we studied and wrote essays about mathematics and its relationship to things like consciousness and AI and the intersection of those three things. It was such a fascinating class and aligned perfectly with what I hope to study in part in my future career!

How do you feel as a book blogger who is not a English lit major?

Tessi @ Bookrapt

Haha, well I definitely feel like I have a bit of a secret advantage in the literature electives I take!

Most people, both online and irl, are typically surprised that I’m not an English major. A surprising factoid about myself is that despite not being an English Lit major, I’m actually a tested and proven genius in the areas of English grammar, vocabulary and language comprehension, so I think my English abilities tend to be why in real life a lot of people think I’m an English Lit major. That being said, I’m the type of person who is insatiably curious and who always needs a big challenge, so I ended up going into STEM instead. Luckily online and irl, I’ve found the bookish community to be very welcoming (unlike a lot of STEM communities which can be quite snobby about looking down at humanities and arts majors), so I’m glad to find a place here as well. And who knows—maybe someday I’ll end up writing a book and my backgrounds in both English Lit and STEM will pay off! Regardless, I’m quite happy to straddle the line of both worlds!

How do you come up with new post ideas after blogging for 6 years?

Juli @ Kozy Words

Well, I personally am a BIG fan of Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like An Artist” philosophy. I take a lot of inspiration from other book bloggers I follow and love figuring out how I can put my own unique spin on their posts.

Source Credit: Austin Kleon

Another thing I also try to do is to find ways to merge things that I love outside of books with books to create content.

It’s definitely difficult at times, but when you think about it the universe is infinite and full of inspiring ideas, so there’s always something new out there to talk about if you look hard enough!

What type of blog post do you find hardest to write?

Lois @ My Midnight Musing

The truth is, after six years, I still agonize over most posts I write. I’m very perfectionistic when it comes to myself and my own work in any area of my life, so I worry a lot about things like if I’m getting my point across clearly while maintaining my own personal voice when blogging, which for me is a tough line to walk as I’m mainly used to academic writing, which prioritizes clarity over style and voice. However, I think the type of post where this fine line is most difficult for me to walk is in reviews. If you’ve been around, you’ve probably noticed that over they years and even in recent months, I’ve tinkered a lot with the style, format, and voice I use for reviews. I think reviews present a particular difficulty for me in that they are formatted so similarly to academic papers, so it’s hard for me to maintain my blogging voice and not fall into the toneless, voiceless style of academic writing.

Blogging achievements (not based on stats) that you’re proud of?

Sumedha @ The Wordy Habitat

As cheesy as it sounds, it really is making such great new friends from all over the world! In a way, blogging really allows you to have the experience of traveling the world from the comfort of your home, haha! I mean, I’ve made blogging friends from places like Indonesia, France, India, Venezuela, Australia, Brazil, and more and its so interesting to learn about and celebrate our similarities and our differences. And its really great to think of the broader online bookish community and to realize that we all come to the same table to share our love of books not in spite of our differences but with our differences. It really is an amazing thing that I’m truly honored to be a part of.

So that’s all we have for today, dear friends! I hope you enjoyed my answers and learning a bit more about me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some tea to toast to many more happy years of blogging 😉 Sending each one of you all my best and I’ll talk to you next time!

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

8 thoughts on “It’s Cliche But I Gotta Say I’m Doing A 1K Q&A!

  1. Massive congratulations on 1000 followers! That’s an amazing achievement.

    I didn’t know you were studying physics! I love your story about your maths education. One dedicated teacher really can change your life.

    Sciencey people who also care about humanities are so vital! It always makes me sad when I’m around STEM types who look down on the arts. The world needs both – and they’re so connected, right? It’s all coming from the same place of creativity and innovation, even if it’s taking different forms and serving different purposes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much lydia ❤ ❤ ❤

      as for teachers, i have been very fortunate and blessed to have had many dedicated, inspiring teacher up to this day! teachers are so vital and tragically undervalued in the US—i know for a fact that without many of my teachers i wouldn’t be the human i am today.

      and when it to science and humanities, i couldn’t agree more—you took the words right out of my mouth! it always baffles me when people think “logic” and creativity are so divided, because the way i see it, logic is a form of creativity and one which requires heck of a lot of imagination! my favorite example of this is math because there are plenty of mathematical phenomena that humans can mathematically prove but can’t *physically* experience or prove—for example, we can mathematically prove there are an infinite amount of geometrical dimensions yet we as humans can only ever physically observe and experience the first, second, and third dimensions—HOW IS THAT NOT USING OUR IMAGINATION HUH?! but i digress, it’s a topic i’m very passionate about lol


  2. Loved reading this and I know much more about you haha. I honestly didn’t know that you’ve been blogging for six years. Also, it’s interesting that you’re studying math! Can I ask what you’re majoring in/what you hope to study (which you referred to in the post)?

    Liked by 1 person

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