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Hello again, dear friends! I hope you are well and if not, I hope brighter days head your way soon! Today we have a bit of a different post, as I’m straying away from the realm of books. Today I’ll be talking about…music!

My whole life has very much been defined by music. I grew up in a musical household (my dad was a professional musician and my mom was an amateur musician for most of her life), so I suppose it was kinda inevitable that I’d be a musician, the only question was “What type?” It became pretty obvious I’d be a singer as soon as I could string sounds together, though. My mom always fondly recounts how when I was a baby and we’d take the bus I’d always be babbling little musical fragments of “aaaah”s and she’d always jokingly tell the other passengers, “My daughter’s going to be an opera singer!” Turns out mother knows best, as much later in life I did indeed choose to train as an opera and jazz singer 😂

Anyhoo, this is all to say music means more than words can express to me, which is why today’s post is pretty special to me. Today I want to talk about some of my all-time favorite song lyrics, inspired by this post from my fellow blogger, Riddhi!

Never be so kind, you forget to be clever
Never be so clever, you forget to be kind

“marjorie” by taylor swift

To be honest, this entire song and its themes really struck at my heart and made me feel the ever-so-infamous Things™. Some background here: my father died when I was seven and my own grandmother died a year after that. This song speaks so beautifully about loss and what it’s like when when someone you love so deeply dies. It also beautifully conveys how you always carry the love and lessons of your loved ones who have passed on with you, regardless of their lack of physical presence your life. But that’s actually a sort-of tangent. I feel like these particular lyrics convey one of those beloved messages left behind in the wake of someone’s loss—and a gorgeous one that really speaks to me, personally, at that.

And I’m so sick of 17
Where’s my fucking teenage dream?
If someone tells me one more time
“Enjoy your youth, ” I’m gonna cry

“brutal” by olivia rodrigo

God, if these lyrics don’t capture that disappointing feeling of slowly growing up and realizing that life isn’t what you thought it would be, then I don’t know what does! There’s something to be said about the fact that the sentiment of these particular lyrics still ring true with me, despite the fact that age 27, I am way past 17 (and, just a heads up: I’m still wondering where my fucking teenage dream is). I feel like these lyrics—hell, this entire album—really strike at the heart of that uniquely teen and twenty-something urge to just scream and rage at life for how unfair it is. I love this because girls and women are so rarely (if ever) allowed to publicly express anger, even when that anger is justified, like being angry at the unique and inherent injustice we endure throughout our lives. In this way, Rodrigo’s anger at life not reflecting the dream she was sold is surprisingly refreshing!

To be wanted with truth
And make formidable love
See light in myself
That I see inside everyone else I know

“the deepest of sighs, the frankest of shadows” cover by gretta ray

Do you want to know a secret, friends? This is one of the only songs that makes me crank out the tears like a fountain. In particular, this is a song lyric that is so hard to talk about because it just so elegantly and concisely describes emotions I’ve felt so deeply for my entire life. My whole life I’ve felt this incredible lonliness and this song helped me to know that I’m not alone in that feeling, which in and of itself made me feel a little less alone.

I’ve got so much soul inside my bones

“Ultralife” by oh wonder

I feel like this lyric perfectly describes who I am as a human being! I’ve always been very vivacious and full of so much life. This lyric captures that feeling of just being bursting with soul and eagerness to experience all that life has to give. Whenever I hear this song, I remember who I am and why I should love myself, and that’s one of the best things a song can give, in my opinion.

And I like sometimes to wave it high
Up where everyone can see
I’m a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up
I know I spend magic reel it out
Try to hold a light to me
I’m a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up

“I’m A lady” by santigold

I loved this song when I was in my late teens/early twenties and I recently rediscovered it and remembered why I loved it so much. I feel like these lyrics are just such a beautiful, simple celebration of being a woman and, in the world of late spring/early summer of 2022 where the US’s Roe v. Wade ruling is likely to be reversed, I just needed this song right when it found me again!

You taught me the courage of stars before you left
How light carries on endlessly, even after death
With shortness of breath
You explained the infinite
And how rare and beautiful it is to even exist

“Saturn” by sleeping at lAst

Is there anyone who doesn’t cry when they hear this song??? Because I do, like, every time! These lyrics mean so much to me because they remind me how precious life is and how even after death the ones we love never really leave us. Whether it’s their memories, or the impression of light their images leave on the backs of our eyelids, they’re always there and nothing and no one can take that love from us.

Well, dear friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post and/or maybe found a new song to go listen to! Definitely share your own favorite lyrics in the comments—I’d love to know which ones have struck a chord with you! Until next time…

spill the beans, friends

  • What are some of your favorite lyrics?
  • Do you have any song lyrics that feel like they define a particular period in your lifetime?

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8 thoughts on “Life & Lyrics | Song Lyrics That Hit Hard

  1. Ahh I love that lyrics from Saturn too! I don’t think I can pick my favorite from Taylor Swift, she seems to have the best lyrics for all kinds of life situations :’) I just listened to Halsey’s So Good yesterday and legit cried at 2 am at this part:

    And do I think about the one that got away
    I know his name, I think about him everyday

    So I think that’s my current favorite lyrics haha :’)

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