16 Facts for 16 Years Tag

I thought for the New Year it would be great if you guys got to know me a bit more! So I created the “16 Facts for 16 Years” tag! All you have to do is write 16 facts about yourself! They can be the silliest little thing or the most in depth factoid about yourself! Here we go…

  1. I am a classically trained singer. I’ve sung all my life and will continue to. I’m quite seriously considering making a career out of it. I took classical voice lessons for four years and have been in choirs all of y life, including my district and state choir!
  2. I’m also an artist! If you didn’t already know I make graphic art/designs/edits for books on my blog Inspired by Books. It”s just a hobby but it’s one of the best and most fun things I do!
  3. I’m a Sagittarius! And proud! SAGITARRIUSES REPRESENT!
  4. I have a serious obsession with hedgehogs. If you guys didn’t see my earlier post on here, I have a serious hedgehog obsessions.Like, it might be a problem…
  5. I know some Arabic. I’m actually in my sixth year of learning Arabic. It’s a really difficult language, but I love it!
  6. I’d really love to travel the world. I’ve been all over the US, but never outside the US and I’m dying to travel the world. *Sigh.* For now I’ll have to be content with traveling through books…
  7. I am a Gryffinpuff. I couldn’t be sorted into either house, so I got sorted into a hybrid house, lol!
  8. When I was younger, I worked helping train wild mustangs to work with disabled children. It was one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever done.
  9. I study physics and am an unabashed geek. Right now I’m a sophmore in college getting my bachelors in physics. That may change because you never know where the wind will blow you, but I’m 99.99% sure I’ll end up working in the natural sciences. It’s kind of awkward, because I don’t know many book bloggers who aren’t studying english and/or business. So holla at me in the comments if you study science!
  10. I’ve always had a not-so-secret desire to dye my hair hot pink and get a tattoo. *Sigh…*I really don’t know why I haven’t done it already…
  11. I totally jam out to Taylor Swift and Beyonce any time and anywhere. Is that a Taylor song I hear? Or perhaps Queen Bey? Time to drop everything and dance!
  12. My favorite childhood fairytale is Peter Pan. And I will buy any and every retelling. Know any good ones? Suggestions down in the comments!
  13. I don’t usually drink tea or coffee with my books. I drink hot chocolate! Mmmmm, so good!
  14. None of my full name is in English. It’s all in other languages (Lila is just a nickname)!
  15. My spirit animal is a hummingbird. It has been ever since my self portrait in sixth grade was to draw myself as a hummingbird!
  16. I’m obsessed with Snoopy from Charlie Brown! I mean come on! How ca you not love Snoopy?!?!!

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

2 thoughts on “16 Facts for 16 Years Tag

  1. Oh, such interesting facts! Hedgehogs are the cutest, and I think Arabic written script looks like art. Not so sure about the tattoo, but I say go get yourself some temporary pink hair dye and see how it looks. I bet it would be really cool. I loved Peter Pan as a kid, too. I recently heard about a good fairytale retelling from Hook’s point of view, but it paints Peter in a really evil light, so I don’t want to read it and risk tainting my idealistic view of him. My spirit animal is a hummingbird, too!

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