Obsession Confession | Walk The Edge All Night With Jessica Jones

I’m late. Again. Since this happens so regularly, though, perhaps we should just start saying  that “late” is “on time”? Anhyoo. Since I’m here now, we might as well get this show on the road! There was plenty to be obsessing over this past week–and, no, I’m not talking about obsessing over schoolwork because college finals are right around the corner! From books to news to millennials f*cking sh*t up (again), here are all my latest obsessions!



Please excuse the epic amount of squealing that’s about to go down because oh my god. Katie McGarry, please forgive me for forgetting that you are the YA contemporary romance queen! I began reading Walk the Edge (which is the companion to Nowhere But Here) three days ago and I promptly fell back in love with this world and the characters. I never would have thought that a YA biker romance would work or that I’d like it, and yet here I am, eating it up. Do yourself a favor and read this series!


I’ve been obsessing over Beyonce’s new single, “All Night,” for the past two days! It’s sweet and melodic and just has that good vibe, ya feel me, man? Just listen to it. You’ll thank me later.


So there was this one night last week where I couldn’t fall asleep so I just watched, like, three episodes of Jessica Jones in a row. From this experience I learned two important things. One: I really like the show Jessica Jones. And two: it is a really bad idea to watch Jessica Jones at nighttime, especially when you’re so sleep deprived that you’re practically delusional because that show is kinda pretty darn scary at times.

News Clip

Lin Manuel Miranda’s bringing his golden touch to Patrick Rothfuss’s The Kingkiller Chronicles but this time as a producer! Eeep! I cannot wait! I have yet to read The Kingkiller Chronicles but everyone says the series is amazing and I can’t wait to see Miranda’s spin on the story!

Around The Blogosphere/Vlogosphere

This past week, Michelle over at Book Adventures had a great discussion post surrounding why review posts aren’t popular. It was a really great, thoughtful discussion, so definitely swing by her blog and check it out!

Last But Not Least: Laughter

I’m a young twenty something millennial and damn proud of it too. Quite frankly, I think we’re a gift to this godforsaken world. But apparently some people (*cough*baby boomers*cough*) think that we’re ruining everything. Buzzfeed decided to clap back at that claim with an absolutely hilarious list of all of the things us millennials have “killed” in 2016. Brace yourself, cause this article’s a riot!

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  1. I’m pretty obsessed with Beyoncé’s new stuff too….she seriously is amazing. And Jessica Jones is my fav show, she is such a badass!!! Haha that buzzfeed article is hilarious!!

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