All Hail Heda Lexa

I’m not gonna lie: I’ve never hardcore shipped Clarke with anyone. So the addition of Lexa to The 100 didn’t really do much for me except make me suspicious. And with good reason.

Lexa’s a hard character to get a read on, story wise, but character wise, she’s rock solid. You always know that whatever Lexa does, it’s for her people. But that makes her actions hard to predict and her promises hard to believe. So like I said, I mostly felt suspicious of Lexa. But this week. This week was when I moved to loving the young Heda.

“Why?” you may be asking.

Well it’s that exact characteristic of steadfast, determined loyalty to her people and to what she believes is not only right, but is good for them that makes her so amazing.

In 3×04, we see Clarke walk in on Lexa teaching a group of young potential successors. Lexa tells them that the three components of good leadership are wisdom, compassion, and strength. It is in this statement that we see by what tenants Lexa rules. She goes beyond the standard ruthlessness of the laws of survival that most grounders seem to follow and incorporates humanity into her rule. That’s not to say Lexa’s afraid to be ruthless when it comes down to it. Because we all know she is (as we’ve already seen).

Lexa is called revolutionary by other grounder leaders because she wants to cultivate a relationship with The Sky People (Skaikru). Now we see where that comes from.

In 3×04, we see Lexa’s many faces: a dedicated teacher, a fierce warrior, a tender, perhaps heartbroken lover. I’d argue that it is all of those facets which make her a good leader. Not only that, she has a good head on her shoulders. In a world of warriors who often call for war and violent opposition, she is able to see beyond that, to long term consequences. Which is why she’s not so bloodthirsty. Which is why she’s revolutionary.

We also know that Lexa does not take killing lightly. We’ve seen that she chooses democracy over violence. Yet she does this while still  ultimately respecting the traditions of her people. Like any good leader.

So that’s the end of my shpeel. Let’s just say, “Jason Rothenberg, you’ve converted me to the cult of Lexa!”

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