Top 10 Tuesday | Bookish People To Follow

Hello and welcome back to another installment of Top 10 Tuesday the wonderful weekly meme hosted by the one and only The Broke and Bookish! This week’s subject is “top ten bookish people to follow on social media or on blogs/vlogs.” I adore blog hopping and I’ve found some really great book blogs so I figured I’d share them! Here you go and happy blog hopping!

  1. Cait at Paper Fury
  2. Hannah at The Irish Banana
  3. Nori at ReadWriteLove28
  4. Liran at Empress of Books
  5. Mishma and Jillian at Chasing Fairytales
  6. Aila, Jeann and Jenna at Happy Indulgence
  7. Alexandra at Twirling Pages
  8. Sarah at The YA Book Traveler
  9. Jamie, Lori, Daisy, Jana, Julia, Kimberly, Tahleen, Bridget, and Lauren at The Broke and The Bookish
  10. Jamie at Perpetual Page-Turner
  11. Rachel, Julia, and Mishma at A Perfection Called Books
  12. Shannon at It Starts At Midnight
  13. Karina at A Reader Under The Sea
  14. Aentee at Read At Midnight
  15. Octavia and Shelly at Read. Sleep. Repeat.
  16. Wendy Darling, Kim, and Layla at The Midnight Garden
  17. Kat, Meg, Steph, Kate, Montverdi, Paul, Paola, and Nafiza at Cuddlebuggery
  18. Christy and Erica at Novel Ink
  19. Alexa at Alexa Loved Books
  20. Melanie and Celine at YA Midnight Reads

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

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