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Hey guys! Super special post for you today! Today I’m happy to welcome Ms. Donna Freitas, author of the upcoming novel Unplugged, as a guest to this blog! Ms. Freitas is going to be telling us about what inspired the story of Unplugged. I’ll let her take it away now!

What inspired the story of Unplugged?

It was actually a conversation where I was with a group of friends and we were joking

around about the possibility of downloading “updates” to our personality—for example:

eventually maybe I’d become Donna 4.0 and you’d become Lila 5.5. And that idea of some

day being able to actually do this, to download updates to your personality, or even other

things like apps that might enhance your brain or your abilities or even change you

physically started rolling around in my head.

Then, at the same time, I started wondering what it would be like to be able to write a

character who’d never been in her body—who’d never really known what it was like to be

in the body—even as old as 17. I started imagining what conditions might allow for that,

which was when I came up with the worlds of Unplugged and its rules too:

The world has split into two—one real world, one virtual—and in the virtual world (called

the App World) people would plug in their bodies (many of them as early as birth) and in

this world there would be Apps that would function just like I’d imagined above—Apps

that you could download to yourself that would change you in various ways.

And I thought: how fun to think of all the Apps I’d love to be able to download to myself

for a while! And how scary to think of growing up not knowing the real world at all.

Then I developed the rules—that people could not cross the border between worlds (they

couldn’t unplug) until they turned 17. Then they would be able to unplug for a year, at the

end of which they’d have to make a choice: would they stay in the Real World and their

bodies for the rest of their lives, or would they choose to go back to the App Worl and live

for a virtual eternity?

And then I set my protagonist, Skylar, into this set of circumstances. I’ve loved writing her

both in the virtual world and when she wakes up in the Real World for the first time. I

hope your readers like it too!

Thanks for having me!

Read An Excerpt of Unplugged

More About Unplugged

5f0ff408-001f-4adf-8e14-40d79031a246The first book in a provocative new series from acclaimed author Donna Freitas—Feed for a new generation.
Humanity is split into the App World and the Real World—an extravagant virtual world for the wealthy and a dying physical world for the poor. Years ago, Skylar Cruz’s family sent her to the App World for a chance at a better life.
Now Skye is a nobody, a virtual sixteen-year-old girl without any glamorous effects or expensive downloads to make her stand out in the App World. Yet none of that matters to Skye. All she wants is a chance to unplug and see her mother and sister again.
But when the borders between worlds suddenly close, Skye loses that chance. Desperate to reach her family, Skye risks everything to get back to the physical world. Once she arrives, however, she discovers a much larger, darker reality than the one she remembers.
In the tradition of M. T. Anderson’s Feed and Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, Unplugged kicks off a thrilling and timely sci-fi series for teens from an award-winning writer.

About Donna Freitas

30c754d6-7705-4859-b892-602c2adb6e05Donna Freitas is an author of fiction, nonfiction, and articles that appear in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs. Born in Rhode Island, Donna now splits her time between New York City and Barcelona.




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