Maggie Reviews │ Saga, Volume 1

My first foray into the world of the graphic novel, Saga blew my mind – in an excellent way.

I did have a sneaking suspicion that I’d enjoy Saga, as it was recommended to me by a bunch of avid readers and bloggers.

Let me just say that this book very much exceeded my already lofty expectations.

Saga’s plot begins with a bang – instant action. The book opens with the all too realistic birth of a baby girl, who in turn narrates the story about the plight of her fugitive parents as well as her childhood.

The story is surprisingly inspirational – the power of love is so very strong, as is the bond between parents and child.

On the run from the wars that ravage their homelands, Marko and Alana take newborn Hazel and begin their adventures as a trio.

The first volume in this epic tale of parents and child, Saga is intriguing, suspenseful, and dramatic. Virtually everything that happens in the book took me by surprise; I certainly didn’t guess where the plot would eventually lead.

Saga features well-developed characters who are either easy to love or easy to despise. I fell in love with baby Hazel, who doesn’t speak, of course, but tells the tale from her point of view, as though she is an omniscient being.

I even liked the mercenary character, The Will, who is tracking the little family on the run. I loved the names of the characters as well, especially those beginning with ‘the’.

Fiona Staples is a wonderfully gifted artist – her drawings are flawless and lifelike. The Stalk, another mercenary character, gave me the creeps SO bad – she’s a messed up looking huge spider! The attention Staples paid to the details of The Stalk’s sickening looks is divine!




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