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Welcome back, faithful friends! This past week has been full of all kinds of exciting bits and bobs! All sorts of new obsessions have been brewing in my lil’ fangirl heart! So obviously I just had to share these obsession-worthy things with you!



The other day I started The Valiant by Lesley Livingston and I’m loving it so far! The book started with a bang and just keeps running with the action and adventure! I am living for it! Plus I really like Fallon! All in all, I think I’m gonna end up really liking this book!


If music is the main thing you pay attention to in trailers (which, it is for me, but then again I’m a musician, lol), then you probably noticed the gorgeous song featured in the second half of the new trailer of Everything, Everything. The song is “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” by Naughty Boy and Beyonce and I absolutely love it! I love how heartfelt the song is, especially given the musical clarity and cleanness of the music. You can really hear the emotion in the vocalist voices and, for me, it really evoked quite a response. It’s really such a gorgeous, emotional song.


So the release of the first trailer for the Everything, Everything movie adaptation was the talk of the town last week. The film looks cute and well produced and like it could do really well. However, my excitement was overtaken by my irritation at something that I saw in the trailer. I find it really frustrating that the filmmakers completely erased the fact that Maddie is biracial (her father is Black and her mother is Asian). I’m not going to go into it here, but that’s a pretty harmful and borderline racist move. I’m still going to see the movie, but I’m pretty salty about the situation.


I almost broke down in a fit of fangirling when I saw the news that Philip Pullman will be releasing a new trilogy set in the world of His Dark Materials, in which one of the books will be a kind of prequel and two of the books will continue Lyra’s story! Pullman has said the trilogy is neither a prequel nor a sequel, but rather an “equel” (wwhich I think is both a brilliant and hilarious play on words). His Dark Materials holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first audiobook series that I fell in love with and one of the first major, “big kid” books I read. I remember listening to and reading the entire series when I was only 9 and actually comprehending it, which, thinking about it now, it kinda blows my mind that I could understand something that complex at such a young age. His Dark Materials also catapulted my love of physics and philosophy, so I’m eternally grateful to the series for that. I’m just so excited to hear that the story is continuing and expanding because The Amber Spyglass definitely left me wanting so much more!

Other Products


My newest product obsession is fairy lights! I bought a giant 30 foot strand for $10 plus free shipping and have wrapped it around my bed frame (I have a daybed) and I feel like a fairy princess when I turn them on! I’m also amazed by the simple physics of the kind of lights that I got! Essentially the producers engulfed a teeny-tiny light in a little drop of glue and attached it to three strands of entwined Copper wire (Copper is the second best electrical conductor, btw). One end of the copper wire is sealed (in rubber I think) and the other end is attached to a prong which is then plugged into a converter which plugs into a regular socket. It’s fascinating and I think these lights would actually make a great teaching tool! Sorry, my inner nerd came out just then. Who am I kiddiing ? My inner nerd is always out, lol!

Around The Blogosphere/Vlogosphere

Recently I saw a great post from Stephanie from Adventures Of A Bibliophile on what constitutes a diverse book. This is a topic I’ve actually pondered quite a bit myself, funnily enough. Stephanie brings up some really good point and definitely made me turn a lot of things over in my head.

Laughing My *ss Off…Wait…That Sounds Painful…

This one’s for my fellow science geeks…


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