The Book Theme Meme | Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Hello and welcome to The Book Theme Meme, my weekly meme which pairs a book and a song! Everyone is welcome here so here’s how to participate:

  • Link back to the originator (me, Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secrets)
  • Choose a book or book series.
  • Choose a song you feel like represents the book (fyi: it doesn’t have to have words, it can be classical or a score).
  • Post the book/series and the song.
  • Tell us what about the song reminds you of the book. Is it a particular lyric/s? Is it the general feeling of the song? Explain a little.
  • Leave a link to your post in the comments of my weekly post so we can find your post!

Let’s get to it.

This week I just had to choose Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and pair it with the song “Friends” by Ed Sheeran! “Friends” is, like the definition of Emma and Julian’s relationship! I just can’t get over how perfectly it fits them! Just look at the lyrics:

We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been.
We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
And Heaven knows, no one wants it to.

Emma and Julian say they’ve always been friends, but really, they’ve always been secretly in love with each other. But they keep their love a secret and lie to themselves and everyone else by saying their just friends. If anyone finds out, they’ll be in serious trouble, so they continue keeping their secret, not wanting to find out what will happen if they don’t.

Friends just sleep in another bed,
And friends don’t treat me like you do.
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything,
But my friends won’t love me like you.
No, my friends won’t love me like you.

Again, Julian and Emma try to pretend they’re just friends, but deep down they know their love for each other is stronger than that of friendship.

If we try to keep those secrets safe.
No one will find out if it all went wrong.
They’ll never know what we’ve been through.

If they keep their secrets about their love, no one will know and they won’t be in trouble or in danger.


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