The Top 10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

Hiya, folks! So I’ve been thinking. I’ve been blogging for about a year now (if you count my Tumblrs). I’ve met great people and done really fun stuff, but what’s really stuck with me are the lessons I’ve learned. No, not the technical, blog-centric lessons. Life lessons. Blogging is an interesting pursuit. It’s essentially an unpaid job. But if you love it, it feels like so much more. I’ve found blogging to be really rewarding in that it has taught me a lot of things about life. So today I though I’d share those lessons with you. Here we go!

1) Take what you have and do the best you can with it.
Story time! Y’all know that I make edits. I have a Tumblr devoted to my edits. It was how I first got into blogging. With over 600 followers, including some of my favorite authors, I’d say I’m fairly successful. Now here’s a confession: I don’t use Photoshop. I use all free tools, software, and apps to make my edits. This has taught me a valuable lesson. It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have

2) A little creativity goes a looooooooong way.
Blogging is a creative outlet, be it through design or writing or both or something else. It’s a way to le your inner self shine. Creativity goes a long way toward making your blog fun and rewarding while also getting you noticed. It’s the same with life.

3) Fake it ’til you make it.
Do you honestly think I knew what I was doing when I first started out blogging??? No! I had no clue! But I plowed on and had confidence in my ability to learn. I still do that. I have to fake having confidence until I actually start to believe it. This is actually one of the best life lessons you can learn, as it can get you a lot of places.

4) Taking the chance and saying “hi” will get you friends most of the time
Don’t hide it: we’re all a tad bit shy when we first get into a group of people. It can e nerve wracking to be thrown into a group of new faces. But blogging has taught me that most people are friendly and will gladly talk to you if you give them the chance (especially to talk about something they love).

5) If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
At first I had no clue how to edit or blog. I wasn’t always successful on my first try. I became successful through a series of trials and errors. But the point is, I kept trying and never gave up.

6) Personality and originality take you far.
In blogging and in life, personality and originality are what make you stand out from the crowd and draw people to you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, it’s what makes you unique and special!

7) Hard work pays off.
Blogging takes a lot of work and effort. But, if you’re willing to put the time and effort into blogging, it pays off big time. Same thing in life.

8) If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life
I love blogging. That’s why it never feels like work or a chore to me. This probably has to do with the fact that I also blog about things I’m passionate about. Blogging has taught me that passion makes everything fun and rewarding. If you love what you do, you really will never work a day in your life.

9) Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Try that new design! Post that new segment! You never can predict if something will pay off in blogging. But it’s worth it when it does. Take risks and don’t be afraid.

10) Always have fun.
If ever blogging became work or a chore, I’d stop. I’ve seen bloggers burn out like that. Maybe the most important thing in blogging is to have fun, otherwise you drive yourself to misery. Don’t ever get stuck in a position where you hate what you do.

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Lila is a 27-year-old college student studying physics and a lover of literature. When she's not busy reading or saving the world through science, Lila can be found singing jazz and blues and obsessing over hedgehogs (a.k.a. the cutest animals in the multiverse!)

16 thoughts on “The Top 10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

    1. HAHA I agree with you. And, girl, I didn’t even know editing was a think until now (specifically, I did not really know/pay attention to the existence of editing until I saw your comment about edits…which redirected me to meticulously examine the blog post again haha).
      I mean, not knowing everything is what makes blogging and living life so interesting anyway, so, I mean, oh well~ Let’s just enjoy the process of learning/not knowing, I guess haha 🙂

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      1. Well…I mean making improvements is hard, but the end result brings joy and that feeling of accomplishment. (maybe? For me at least haha) Besides, at least things aren’t all mundane and the same and boring if you’re always learning, I guess?

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      2. For me too haha, sometimes when I am learning new things and it’s getting hard I think about giving up but then I think about what it would be like one I accomplished whatever that is and I know that it is worth it !
        Exactly ! A little spice in our lives haha

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    2. aw, thank you, that means a lot! best of luck with the editing–i’ll actually be doing a post on editing soon so maybe you’ll find it helpful 🙂 it’s really fun once you get the hang of it!

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  1. I related to every single one of your life lessons. The ones that I relate to the most right now are to “fake it ’till you make it,” to be willing to take risks, and that it’s okay to fail. It’s comforting, in a way, to see that it’s okay to not know what you’re doing and to do a lot of trial and error on a blog, especially because I literally have no idea of what I’m doing and because I’m honestly still experimenting with my blog design haha. SO thank you so much for sharing your experiences and all~ 🙂

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    1. i’m glad you enjoyed it so much and found it comforting! honestly, i’m still experimenting with my blog–i think we *all* still are, even if you’re “established.” guess you never stop learning (and that’s a good thing)!

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      1. Aww…thanks for all of your kindness and encouragement!
        It’s so true that continuing to learn is a good thing. I mean, if you stop learning and if everything stays the same, things would probably get kind of boring after a while xD

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  2. Aw, this is such a lovely post! I have a lot of anxieties, but I can definitely relate to all of these. I’ve been online for more years than I’d like to admit and all of these have definitely been lessons I’ve learnt along the way. I really need to start learning to talk to people more because every time I have it’s been positive so I don’t know why my brain makes me freak out about it, haha. I also love your points about “fake it ’til you make it” and about editing. I’ve been using Photoshop since 2006 and I have a certificate in Digital Media, but I’m so bad at design haha. It used to bother me, but then I learnt to stop caring and told myself I was having fun making edits and designs and that’s all that mattered!

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